maandag 12 oktober 2015

Faith and Fear (a letter to a friend)

Hello Ronny. How are you? Everything okay in the U.K.? Here in Holland it's cold, to cold...

Answearing to your question about where I stand in the Dutch refugee-problem, I can tell you following:
I dreamed last night...Strangely enough in English, allthough I am Dutch as you know...
I dreamed about our anxiety and even fear about these current times that we live in, with all of its wars, all those terrorists and especially...the hundreds of thousands of victims right now.
At least an equal number of refugees is coming by trains and by hundreds of ships and tiny little boats, more or less 'flooding' Europe.

Well then, all those people are muslim and yes..many of them are extreme islamic, hiding amongst the vast majority of genuin refugees..maybe trying or even planning to hit Europe with their sharia-laws and with their barbaric violence.

I believe the real concerns and worrys of most of the citizens of Europe is islamization of their christian society. And these concerns and worrys are very much justified!
Christians are even more affraid of ISIS because of what the bibles tells us about the 'anti-Christ': THÉ two characteristics of the anti-Christ in the bible are:
restoration of the khalifat and decapitation of every head that didn't want to bough before Allah.
In our bible satan is called "the lord (god) of this century": 2 Cor.4:4
In the Hadith, Madhi (the Khalif of Allah) is called "the lord of this century."
Would that perhaps be a very strange coincidence..?! I, Sebo Hilberts, don't think so!

"The one and only objective that Mohammed, de Khalifa, de Mahdi en all proud and obedient following muslims have is this one:
the complete spreading of the sole glory of Allah as the one and only god..by means of jihad and other warfairs aswell as terorism, untill there's no-one left who would not say that Allah is the only god." (Walid Shoebat)
"Only very view people in the free western world realise it is permitted to muslims to disquise the truth when they speak to non-muslims." says Walid Shoebat, a former Palestinian terrorist who was converted to the christian faith, only by spending $10,= for a bible!
By the way: Walid Shoebat was interviewed and this whole interview was posted on a Dutch website: http://inbijbelsperspectief.weebly.com/wat-zegt-de-bijbel-over-de-islam.html
(in Dutch, but maybe you can use Google Translate)

Well then:
Given these facts, could we say that any kind of concern, worry, or even fear would be justified?
Ohh Yes!! By all means! Fear is only a human instinctive system to warn us for any danger!

If we would just take a good look at Jesus..
When Jezus was praying in the garden, He was was full of fear. He cryed tears of blood, begging the Father to let this cup pass from Him.
And yet, He also said: "...O my Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me: nevertheless not as I will , but as thou wilt."(Matt. 26:39, KJB)

So, He realy wàs affraid, He was absolutely terrifyed
Would it therefore be justified nòt to take àny refugees anymore? Under no circumstances whàt so ever? Because many people are very much affraid of the consequences?
No! That would not be justified. It would be selfisch and it's not how we, christians, learned to deal with such things as fear, worry, concern...
Infact...Jesus tought us to love and to be kind to ANYONE...under ALL circumstances!!!!!
"Pray for your enemys!", He said..
"Bless your enemy!", He said..
But He also said: "Be cautious and alert at all times."
I think that those three are equaly important! Therefore I think it would be sensible to close our borders and take back control of them. Witch wouldn't mean that no-one is welcome anymore!
That's not necessarily acting out of fear.
People should overcome their fear of things that could be...
And you know that I realy know...from experience..that it's not courage that overcomes fear..
Jesus had no courage, so He could never have overcome His fear, as He was begging God to let this cup pass from Him.
Instead of courage, Jesus had faith! He almost immediately continued, by saying that not Hìs will be done, but the will of the Father!
That's FAITH!
So..it's faith that is needed to pray for those who might hurt us, faith is needed to bless those who see us as their enemys, faith is also needed to learn to see them as God sees them and to treat them as God would do. I myself believe in: WWJD (What Would Jesus Do)

And meanwhile...let's not worry too much, because everything is in His Hands...
Everything goes as He, our Father has planned...!

And because of that we can take care of all the needy, fearful, hungry and lonely people, whenever they come and where ever they may come from....

So..now you know where I stand. To many people are too much in favor of taking in as much refugees as we possibly can  handle and an equel number of people are too much against. In my humble opion both are equaly wrong. The anwear should be somewhere in the middle.

Well...that is what I dreamed of last night. And in my dream the most important message that God gave to me is, was and will always be: LOVE! Treat everyone, every human being with as much love as God treated yourself with!

Greetings to you are coming from a warm and fuzzy livingroom with a burning woodstove...somewhere in Holland,


Your lil' big bald fat friend...